Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Comment: Open Letter on Neridia

The following letter was sent to the Gazette by a consortium of Musican merchants and the Dirigent, Vilhelm Benkern.

The founding of Neridia was abrupt. Like many of the seminal moments in Shireroth's history, it was controversial. However it was legitimate, and ever since then that territory has formed an integral part of the Imperial Republic's ecosystem. As news comes today that the disgraced Prince whose government collapsed has sought asylum in St Andre, the need for urgent action to preserve the stability of the hemisphere, from the Shire Sea to the North Raynor Sea, becomes obvious to all.

Therefore we, a group of Musicans who have a dear sympathy with the nearby people of Neridia who have been abandoned by their government, and who also have a strong interest in the social and economic propserity of all parts of Shireroth, today call on the Kaiser and Landsraad to undertake to protect the people of Neridia and commit to ensure their survival and economic growth. Without intervention, there can be no hope of their survival. What form of government should remain in Neridia is a matter of rightful debate, which should be made in the open and without obscured secret motives, but there can be no argument that Shireroth has an obligation to the abandoned people of this fledgling land who, for now at least and in our view forevermore, we call fellow countrymen.

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